About Us

Curadio is an Edtech Company that uses ‘voice & technology’ to explain ‘knowledge’ concepts. Our goal is to build experiences that are engaging and interactive. We produce, publish and distribute unique audio ‘experiences’ to help children discover, connect and learn about a variety of topics.



For a child, a lot of learning happens by observing, interacting and asking questions. At Curadio, ‘Curiosity’ & ‘Learning’ go together. Our vision is to build a place where learning happens by listening, asking questions and sharing. We use storytelling to explain concepts that are rooted in the world of STEM, Space, History,Wild life, Mythology, Inventions and other many other topics.



We want to inculcate the habit of listening in young minds by building voice communities. Our mission is to make them better listeners by building an ecosystem where they can listen, easily participate, share and learn – using voice.


Why Audio

Listening is an educational & entertaining experience. Listening to audio can do a lot of wonders.

  • It builds listening skills.
  • It improves memory & thinking
  • It creates a lively experience
  • It improves focus & attention
  • It boosts imagination & creativity
  • Eyes remain strain free

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